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וידאו חדש 

פסטיבל יערות מנשה
עם אול-סטאר האימפרוביזציה של הפסטיבל

 Yearot-Menashe festival - allstar show

 31.5.19 13:00 

בליינד ביער! במת Armagedon עם אול-סטאר האימפרוביזציה של הפסטיבל!

 Yearot-Menashe festival - allstar show

 15.3.19 ISR | TEl-aviv 

פסטיבל בא לי טאלי

הופעה מיוחדת לפסטיבל הפורים של פלורנטין

סשן מאולתר לייב בשידור חי! (בוקר אור-ערוץ 10)
Improvising LIVE on TV - channel10

חוזרים לבמה 19.1.19 הקונטיינר, נמל יפו

Back on stage 19.1.19 the CONTAINER, Jaffa port 

מתארחים ב'סוכן תרבות' של קובי מידן - כאן11

On Israel national TV KAN11

Launching our EXPERIENCE workshops in Israel


סדנאות אילתור למוזיקאים
לפרטים והרשמה לחצו כאן

EXPERIENCE - Blindfolded group improvisation workshop

"אקספריאנס" - סדנת אלתור קבוצית בעיניים מכוסות

Show number #6 in Levontin announced  -  INFO

New VIDEO!!! - This cut out of the Zorba Festival started out pritty normal but just got more and more insane by the minute...

'Sochen Tarbut' of Israeli TV channel KAN11 came to check us out.
(Now with CC subs)

Blind Orchestra Blues is announced for the blues festival - DETAILS

Session #4 in Tel-Aviv is coming up - DETAILS

Session #3 in Tel-Aviv - DETAILS

NEW VIDEO RELEASE! - Live at Zorba festival (Israel)

Tel-Aviv is welcoming: Blind Orchestra recommended by local music blogs.

After an unforgetable evening in

"Zorba the Budha" festival in the Israeli

desert - the project returns to Tel-Aviv - detalis

It's time to announce:

Blind Orchestra will play "ZORBA THE BUDHA" FESTIVAL in Israel!

(update: Festival is sold out)

Thursday 5.4 22:00 Main stage

This special show will feature a mix of musicians from the festival's line-up with members of the TLV Orchestra:

Itamar Ben-Yakir

Orka Bianca Tepler

Roni Parnas (Malaika Trio)


Ran Gershon (Tribal Makers)

Nitai 'Jamal'

Dov Balu

The return to Tel-Aviv is set!

A new crew is assembled for the Project's show in Tel-Aviv.

Thursday 12.4, The Container, Hanger 2, Jaffa port

Free Entry


Last show in Goa (design by Song Lu)

The next show in Goa ia all about the bass

The next show in Goa will feature an outstanding line up of international musicians associated with Prem Joshua, Shtuby, Hang Massive, and Ganapati, among local Goan musicians (Shayne Ballantyne, Sheil obZerver).

Announcing new dates in Goa

Israel National News: "incredible and inspiring new music project and it's quickly taking the world by a storm".

Click here to watch this very tight item about Blind Orchestra

positive media coverage for the India tour!

December 2017 update:

New dates in India

15/12 New-Delhi - The Electric room (Hotel Lodhi)

    19/12 Ahmedabad - Experience workshop

    23/12 Mumbai - Veranda Bandra

Update: NEW VIDEO of Blind Orchestra New-Delhi 

Interview with Dov Balu for Mid-day, India

 Israel 17 tour: promo video

 Israel 17 tour announced

NEW VIDEO of Blind Orchestra Berlin 

 NEW VIDEO of Blind Orchestra Berlin 

May 17 update: London Premiere dates - soon to be announced!
Introducing "BLIND ORCHESTRA experience"
practical improvisation workshop for music institutes.
more info at         
April 17 Update: New dates in India:
12/5/17 Manali Premiere
21/5/17 New Delhi Premiere
April 17: Blind Orchestra mini-docu released

Blind Orchestra is an international musical improvisation project, which stands out for its unique concept: The musicians play and sing blindfolded while a conductor is in charge of the orchestration.

With a touch of a stick the conductor can signal the musicians when to play, when to stop and when to take the front.

In a Blind Orchestra session, the musicians don't know when they will play while the conductor doesn't know what they will play and this dialogue takes the crowd to a musical journey into the unknown.

Each concert is a gathering of eight international and local musicians and with this simple yet effective concept, the music breaks through the limitations of any improvised session.

Discover Blind Orchestra live in India, Russia, Israel, Germany and the UK. 

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New video released

 City life - improvised Live in Goa (16.2.17)


BO in Newzhook