Blind Orchestra mini-docu

BLIND ORCHESTRA is an international improvisation project that introduces a new and unique improvisation concept. The project is operating in Tel-Aviv, Berlin, London, St. Petersburg and Copenhagen, as well as around India, incorporating over 200 master improvisers from over 20 countries.

The concept

The musicians play blindfolded, while one of them acts as a conductor. With a touch of a stick the conductor can signal the musicians when to play, when to stop and when to take the front. With this simple yet effective concept, the music breaks through the limitations of any improvised session.

In a Blind Orchestra session, the musicians don't know when they will play while the conductor doesn't know what they will play. This dialogue takes the crowd for a musical journey into the beautiful unknown. The music is being made in front of the audience's ears. Music that was never played before and will never be played again. 

The man behind the concept and the project is Israeli drummer/producer/sound engineer and artist: Dov Balu Rosen. Known for his versatility and musicality, Dov has collaborated with artists from all over the world and is mostly known for founding Israeli indie sensation theAngelcy. (More about Dov here)

The project's activity consists of 3 event types:

1) All-star shows

A one-time-only gathering of 7-9 local and international master improvisers. 

2) Festival All-star Blind Orchestra

Assembling an all-star orchestra of the festival's participating musicians.

3) Blind Orchestra Experience (open workshop)

Collaborating with music institutes for musical improvisation education. The workshop is led by Dov and is followed by a show featuring the workshop's partakers.